The purpose of this project is to establish the first module in higher education in Kosovo regarding the impact of EU on peace building, reconciliation, and democratization. The module will consist of main components as following:


Lectures will cover topics related to the impact of EU on the rehabilitation of Kosovo after the conflict, in several fields such as the following: peace building, reconciliation, social dialog, democratization, diversity and inclusion, political capacity building, economic reconstruction and civil society.


The research will involve the volunteer work of students to develop desk and in field research, to analyze the influence of EU in Kosovo, in terms of policy (document analysis), practice (implementation of policy) and experience (how do people and communities feel about these policies).

guest lectureRs

Public lectures with special guests that address the topic of the role of EU on democratization, reconciliation and state building in Kosovo will be organized. The audience will mainly include students of different study disciplines within AAB College; however, it will be open for other professionals as well.

sensitization sessions

Students attending the module, will prepare presentations on topics related to the course syllabus, and present in front of high school audience to spread the knowledge beyond academia, expose and sensitize the high school students with the topic, and potentially increase their interest for EU studies.


Prof. Ass. Dr. Bashkim Rrahmani

Project Coordinator and Lecturer

Prof. Ass. Dr. Mentor Lecaj


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