The aim of this project is to establish a learning module where the European business laws, regulations and standards are contextualized from the vantage point of academic scholarship on the one hand, and on the other, can serve as transformative knowledge for enabling a future of increased economic cooperation between local businesses in Kosovo and European costumers. The module will consist of four main components


Lectures will cover topics related to the fundamental policies for understanding business activity in the European level, competing in Europe and using the benefits of European Union market regulations from non European countries.


Research will involve the work of students and professors to develop; a) desk research to analyze how EU policies influence business making in the local context and b) field research on how the compliance with the EU business laws and regulations might impact the business performance.


The Manual will provide direct inputs for the industry regarding the European Business Laws, regulation and standards and how they can be applied to enable competing in the European market and ensure the increase of export.


Supervised by professor students will organize sensitization sessions for the industry on purpose of informing them how they can compete in the European level. 


Prof. Ass. Dr. Donat Rexha

Project Coordinator and Lecturer

Prof. Ass. Dr. Mentor Borovci


Prof. Ass. Dr. Pranvera Dalloshi


Prof. Ass. Dr. Bashkim Rrahmani


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